Put three art students in a blender, mix with Radiohead, The Beatles, Mo Wax and Big Star....and what do you get? Co-Star! Co-Star have just finished their demo tape, which has already been reviewed in a Manchester newspaper where the names of bands such as Mazzy Star and the Jesus and Mary Chain were side by side. Though they are busy finishing their final year at Chelsea College of Art, Co-Star hope to make get out there prettttttty soon....well, around summer if possible!

It's Never Gonna Be That Hard

   Co-Star recorded their demo in a kitchen and in a rehearsal studio. To play live they are 
recruiting a friend of theirs from the Smith Garrett Band, who you may have seen perform at the 
ICA in London. Simon played bass and guitar, as well as providing backing vocals for the demo. 
Daniel sang lead and scratched a little, Amos provided the drums recorded in six hours in a 
smelly rehearsal studio, and Simon mixed everthing and recorded the rest in his kitchen using 
his four track. They are hoping to play some gigs soon, and are rehearsing with their new 
member as you read this. 

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