The Wondrous World of Stainless Steel - incorporating the official Vertical Smile ) Info Page

     Hello, and welcome to "The Wondrous World of Stainless Steel." This is my tribute to what
I reckon is the best metal ever, apart from "heavy" and "sheet." Here you'll be able to find 
out everything there is on the material, what you can do with it, how it integrates itself 
into popular culture and what today's prices are. Feel free to look around the site as I 
think that Stainless Steel is quite versatile. There are also links to see and bands to 
hear....For today, may I recommend a Vertical Smile followed by a Silver Spring, and some 
MW Stars sprinkled on top. 

          Enjoy your visit!

Since I've been so so so busy, I haven't had time to remix everything like I had planned, but
I can tell you that The Vertical Smile ) have another gig - at The Hope & Anchor. No ships, 
but lots of calm blue ocean sensitivity and feelings...well, you should know what I'm on about
by now....this gig will be mainly instrumental, and very mellow. We know all you folks out
there are probably a bit Christmas / New Year lagged, so we've decided to nickname this gig 
"The New Years Comdown." So, see you with your pillows and cushions on Sunday January 3rd
1999 - our first outing of the new year. Check the Vertical Smile link for further details.
(It's down a bit....)

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MW Stars: Like Hedgehogs, the MW Stars are hibernating.
Silver Springs: So much to say about this band....but where to start?
The Vertical Smile ): Next show: The Hope & Anchor, Sunday 3rd January 1999.
Link O'links: NEW LINKS ADDED!! Check 'Em Out!


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