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Chosen from the online travels of The Vertical Smile )
Yo La Tengo Homepage
Everything you want and need to know about the band Yo La Tengo. If only my site looked like day it will be mine!
The Pastels Homepage
Made by Jonathan who plays guitar in the Pastels, this is also a favourite hangout of mine...especially when you see local tourdates up there....Yes, The Pastels could be at a venue near you!!!
Royal Trux
Don't like the Rolling Stones much? Think they've kinda lost the plot? Well, I do, but I don't think this band has. Check out one of Steven Malkmus's favourite bands, and possibly websites.
The Gram Parsons Homepage
Gram IS the Man! Don't know who he is? Well, you better find out now? Read the biography that's here.
Galaxie 500 - Luna - Damon & Naomi - Magic Hour - Pierre Etoile - Cagnee and Lacee
One of the greatest bands to have ever graced my ears...I only wish I could have seen them live, but they play gigs everyday in my head. Andy the owner of this site also runs a great mailing list.
Teenage Fanclub
Better than the official site, this has more or less everything you should already know about Teenage Fanclub, Scotland's greatest export (after Haggis of course!)
Welcome to my bogus tribute to Douglas Coupland
Still reading books that go right over your head? Just can't relate to John Grisham loving up lawyers? Just wanna read something from today? Let Douglas Coupland tell it how it is.
The Beck Web!
You really want to find out what he says in his songs? Well, his lyrics are best read here mate!
Elliott Smith and Heatmiser
OK, so you've seen Good Will Hunting and loved those songs in it. For that you thank Elliott Smith.
Hanif Kureshi
Britain's best writer at the moment. He wrote the screenplay for "My Son, The Fanatic" which is in cinemas right now!
The Magnetic Fields and Stephen Merritt's other projects.
The definitive Magnetic Fields page, and everything that Stephen Merritt has touched.
Les Pop Porn Pages - Kid Loco
Kid Loco - cooler than Air in my honest opinion.
The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson
Steve, you'd love this site!
Kraftwerk - the site. Just like their music...nothing given away.
A thorough Stereolab site - which is a pretty mean feat!
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