(An English Band)
 MW STARS played a storming set last week at the Bull & Gate (Saturday July 25th). Lots of 
 moshing, lots of onstage shenanigans (whatever that means), lots of dedications, and lots
 of sweat!
 Here's the setlist.
 1) Everything and More
 2) Friendly Customer
 3) So Alone
 4) Tune 3
 5) Juice
 6) Fire Made It Good
 I shall write more later.......
 Yeah, I will!

MW STARS - The band

 There are five members in the MW Stars....
 Robert  - Vocals
 Morris  - Bass
 Stewart - Lead Guitar, backing vocals
 Ashley  - Rhythm Guitar
 Amos    - Drums, backing vocals
 The songwriting duties are shared by all the band and because of this input of ideas, there 
 isn't one "sound" to their songs. It is safe to say though, that they are all in the 
 guitar/pop/rock/indie vein. Through having a mix of songwriting duties and influences, the 
 bands'songs take on a layered feel, adding a certain depth, which is where the MW Stars excel. 
 If you like infectious pop and good time tunes, make a date with the MW STARS because they play 
 these songs for you!
 The debut show was at Harvey Floorbangers in Ealing, London, on the 9th of February 1997.
 They went down well that day, which lead to another gig there two weeks later. Going back into
 rehearsals to fine tune their songs, and to work on new material, the band played two shows at
 the John Bull in Chiswick, London, within two weeks of each other. These showcased the new
 material, but also provided the band with an opportunity to have some fun. The owners had
 warned them not to play too loud, but when you play live, you know you can't accept statements
 like that. Playing the last song in their set at their second gig there, they rocked a little
 too hard and blew the power, sending the John Bull into darkness, and leaving the crowd
 a little stunned (most people had thought it was part of their set!!).
 After a brief hiatus due to exams and work schedules, the band secured a gig at the Bull & Gate
 in Kentish Town, London on December the 30th 1997. They played first and pulled the biggest 
 crowd out of the four bands that played that night. Subsequently, the Bull & Gate asked them 
 back for the following week, but as it was exam time again, the band declined, but played the 
 Bull & Gate for the second time on the 25th of July 1998. 

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