The Vertical Smile ) - The Bull & Gate, London, Saturday November 28th 1998

From the Windy & Carl 10" "A Dream of Blue" / "Kate" (c) Windy and Carl 1997

The soul sometimes loses track of the body that holds it - it wanders away to get lost in 
the throes of emotion, attraction, obsession. For some, life can be easily interrupted by a 
dream, a kiss, the look in someone's eye. You lose all direction, all sanity. Sleepless 
nights, fits of laughter, a haze of instability that brings out centuries old instincts.

The songs I heard were about that loss, or that gain, the decision being up to you. 
Life is not the same for all of us - make of it what you will.

That's what I thought of the Vertical Smile that night. 

Thanks to Arnie for sending that.

The band played:

Repeat To Fade
Nothing Lasts That Long
Wipe Your Smile(Dreaming Neon)
One Big Comedown
Luke's Tune
If You Don't Smile, I'll Make You Cry

The Korg Ms-20 Monophonic Synthesizer

The Korg Ms-20 is a vintage Korg Synthesizer. All kinds of beastly noises and effects can be 
created with it. Guitars can be patched through it. It is mentioned here as it has frequented 
the music of the Vertical Smile, most effectively during the recording of the experimental 
avant garde noise tune, "I Touched Your Hair" and "Durban Experiment" where the Ms-20 really
gets put through it's paces.

If you'd like more info and a look at the manual for it, go here:

The Korg MS-20 site 
Korg themselves have a website for any further queries: Korg

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